July, 2019


It was blessed in the chance to work with proprietor's person of the various business categories after launching our business as ”Shimmerose Solutions” in May of 2015. Currently, I concentrate our resources on a licensing business company – SPACEAT Inc. https://www.spaceat8.com/ promoting an new type of Rigid Box - “PITATBOXⓇ”, 2018 Good Design Award Winner.

Not only does this design offer convenience, it also promotes space reduction during transport, which translates to cost and CO2 reductions. Sharing these discoveries and licensing the patents and know-how throughout society leads to new creativity. If promoted to markets where need exists, this product could gain significant popularity.

The manufacturing process of high-quality Rigid Box has been so worldwide that its state-of-the-art technologies enjoy market expansion. I'd like to work so that the advantage may be linked to partner's pioneering of a different type of business in a manner of Shimmerose - “Think globally, work locally, and connect personally.”