CASE 2 Hacolino Design (Tokyo, Japan) 2015 -

Separated from a package manufacturer that was established in 1945, Hacolino Design became an independent company in 2014. Because of their back ground, this company is one of a few design houses in Japan that can handle the entire process of package making: design, print, and assemble. They've produced packages for confectionaries and chocolatiers inside and outside of Japan. In January 2016, in order to expand their business opportunity oversea, they established their French subsidiary, Hacolino Design S.A.R.L. in Paris.

France, with no shortage of package designers, was not an easy market to break into for them. But, they believe in the power of word-of-mouth more than anything when it comes to communication because that was how their business has grown so far; a pastry shop owner who was happy about their design work recommended them to another shop owner. The company president cherishes this kind of human connection. So, clearly, using mass advertisement or web-media is not the best way to represent their value.

The PR tool we chose for them was a newsletter that explains their vision and work in their own words. It includes the photo of the president—thus he literally can face their potential customers, and the photos and drawings of the packages that they designed. Showing their design examples with pictures is particularly effective because that would help Hacolino's potential clients—pastry shop owners and chocolatiers—imagine their own products in Hacolino packages.

Contents Summary
・Message from the founder including the origin of the company's name
・Mission Statement
・Work details including their design method
・Work examples with photos and drawings

Testimonial from the CEO of Hacolino Design, Mr. Noriyuki Hisamitsu

Hacolino Design (Tokyo, Japan) 2015 -

Ms. Kawasaki has been giving our company a series of consultations mainly about how to expand our business in France. Her involvement with our expansion plan actually dates back to the time when we were still investigating the possibility of overseas expansion. Launching our first oversea operation was a significant step forward for my company. She's been a great help for that.

Before we chose France as the country where we set up our first overseas base, we also considered the U.S., China, and Taiwan as a candidate. She provided detailed information about each country as a potential market, discussed pros and cons of each market with us. It was very helpful to have her walk me through this process and help me choose the right market to invest our business resource in.

Once we chose France, she brought in other specialists such as a publicist, a lawyer, and an intellectual property expert who were based in France. These people are the part of the Shimmerose's network of trusted professionals and the most of them had worked with Ms. Kawasaki before. So, the communication with the local aids went very smoothly and now I feel that they are truly a part of my team.

It is also great that Ms. Kawasaki has a managerial point of view. Her ability to think ahead and to give us advice based on the mid- to long-term outlook of business overall is invaluable for me as a CEO because I sometimes get caught up with my day-to-day operation and don't have enough time to think ahead. Having her reminding me of the importance of thinking ahead in business is like a having a skilled pilot on board your ship. When you are sailing through uncharted water, you really want to have a person who has been there before navigate to your destination.

Ms. Kawaski's is a strong believer of the synergy effect of collaboration. She always encourages me to meet new people in new markets not only because that could increase my business chance but also because that would widens my view in general. She does her business based on this belief and she is very unique in this way. I'd love to keep having this passionate pilot on board for my business endeavors.

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