CASE 1 TripHugger (Taipei, Taiwan) 2015 -

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, TripHugger is a trip planning and social platform for iPhone users. Originally started in English and Chinese languages,the site now supports Japanese as well, and 8,000 users are using this application (see As the site emphasizes the joy of information sharing with fellow travelers, the company is conducting a series of workshops called “TripHugger Kaigi (or Conference)”, which encourage people to design their own tours of their neighborhood or of the area they like to visit. Held in several locations in Japan including Tokyo and Yokohama, the workshops have been successfully promoting the site among Japanese iPhone users and thus they decided to set up a base in Japan. We work as their PR adviser as well as a consultant preparing for further business expansion in Japan.


Testimonial from the TripHugger's Japanese representative, Mr. Shirō Someya

TripHugger (Taipei, Taiwan) 2015 -

Since our site began supporting Japanese language, our business in Japan is growing fast and now is exceeding that in Taiwan. We really need to set up our base in Japan. The problem is that Japan does not have a Double Tax Avoidant Agreement with Taiwan. That made it very difficult for us to make an accurate calculation of the profit sharing and cash flow between Taipei and Tokyo. When our own research reached a dead end, we turned to Shimmerose Solutions for help.

First, Ms. Kawasaki got us in touch with a local administration management assistance office. From there, we found business tax specialists who could tell us exactly what we needed to know about the international taxation in Japan. She has been present at the meetings we had with tax specialists and guided us through the process of setting up a Japanese subsidiary of a Taiwanese business. Based on her own business experience in Taiwan and in Japan, Ms. Kawasaki's understanding of our difficulty was deep and comprehensive. Her advice was practical and her help was invaluable.

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