SERVICE 1 Be a PARTNER in developing the Japanese market for your IT related business

Provide a business solution to remove the difficulties with which you may be faced in launching your business in Japan.

Accommodate the cultural difference

Non-Japanese businesses often find the Japanese market particularly difficult to break into. You may feel like there is a wall standing between you and your customers. It won't be easy to knock down the wall without understanding the corporate culture unique to Japan, which affects so many aspects of business practice in Japan including the decision making process. With my experience of being part of a large Japanese corporation as well as of representing a Chinese company in Japan, we are uniquely qualified to address this issue and to find a way to maneuver your business into the Japanese market, so that you don't have to knock down the wall after all. We'll provide all necessary advice and plans to make your business sustainably profitable in Japan.

Shimmerose Solutions also helps you to make a decision whether to enter the Japanese market or not. Studying a recent case similar to your business and analyzing how it succeeded may provide a major input to your decision. This process can be done in the form of seminar or a small-group discussion.

Provide information that helps you make the best decision

In the effort to bring more foreign investment in Japan, government agencies and other public institutions are setting up an inquiry counter in their office. Although these counters can give you valuable advice, they may not necessarily be able to keep up with the ever-changing business environment and to understand an individual need. Also, in my experience, you can use these public services much more effectively if you know:
1. the history of the industry and the business association with which your business can be associated
2. the context in which a law or a regulation was created
3. the most updated position of the Japanese policy makers and regulators so that you can make an accurate estimate for the future.

We will gather and analyze the information and supplement it with the background information as mentioned above. Our report often includes a comparison of the laws and regulations of Japan and those of your home country. Some anecdotes about our own experience may be applicable to your situation as well. After all, it is our mission to position you to make the best decision for your business.

Make your company a good corporate citizen

"Localization" in these days does not only mean the adjustment of your service and products, but also refers to how to contribute to the local community. People are more aware of CSR (corporate social responsibility) than ever, and being a good corporate citizen is a key to the long-term success of your business in any foreign country. Japan is no exception. Understanding the community you are in not only helps you be a better community member but ultimately leads you to a better business decision. My strategy includes connecting your business with local NPOs and cultural organizations. We also make a survey of the community to find out how you are perceived and what they can expect from your company. This information gives you a unique opportunity to understand Japan, especially when compared with the community of your home country, and to build a better sales strategy.

TripHugger (Taipei, Taiwan) 2015 -


TripHugger (Taipei, Taiwan) 2015-

Trip planning and social platform for iPhone users

Working as their PR adviser as well as a consultant preparing for the establishment of their Japanese subsidiary.

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SERVICE 2 Be a COMMUNICATOR for a Japan brand

Support and promote food, art, crafts, and other products that uniquely represent Japanese values.

Provide information filtered through trusted eyes

When it comes to market research today, the problem is not only the lack of information but also the excess of it. In order to make full use of information about your potential market, first you need to validate it, and then to organize it without bias. In my experience, there is no better way to do so than having trusted individuals who are living in the country thoroughly examine the information. Fortunately, we have met and worked with highly reliable and experienced business researchers in many places of the world. With their help, we provide the market data with high accuracy so that your business can have a competitive edge from the start.

The countries where I have my business partners include: France, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, China, Taiwan, U.S.A., etc.
Shimmerose Solutions also helps you to choose your next oversea market. If you have more than one candidate for your overseas operation, we provide the market data of those countries and analyze and discuss the potential of each market with you. This process can be done in the form of a seminar, or a small-group discussion.

Have you meet the people who may change your world

In business, who you know sometimes is more important than what you know. Some people I've met in my life made me the business woman as I am today, not only through their mentorships, but also by giving me a new and fresh viewpoint and by sharing their value with me thus creating a new value in my business. I'd love my clients have the same experience. That is why I'm eager to have you meet my partners from outside of Japan. I'm sure that the meeting with them will have an impact on your business in a much larger way than you would expect.

Find a PR tool that suits best to your business

Depending on the nature and objective of your business, and your goal, how you would like to relate your message to the public vary significantly. we offer you a variety of PR tools and by working with you, find the best one for your business.

Hacolino Design (Tokyo, Japan) 2015 -


Hacolino Design (Tokyo, Japan) 2015-

Design house producing packages for confectionaries and chocolatiers

Giving a series of consultations mainly about how to expand their business in France.

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FEE FOR CONTRACT CONSULTATION (monthly, three months minimum)


Case 2 of Hacolino Design – 6 month consultation fee for establishing their subsidiary in Paris, France
– app., 11 thousand USD
Including face-to-face meeting a month (+ follow-up consultations by phone and email)

* Transportation expenses will be billed.
* Creating a document may be subject to a separate charge. (Language : English, French and Chinese)
* Seminar arrangement is charged separately.


Japan's food business development for global market
Propose new food products to overseas food boutiques, developing distribution channels.
Travel routes development for tourists visiting Japan
Provide travel routes/concepts in local areas/Tokyo newly developed for net travel agents.

Business environment and stakeholders

According to who you are dealing with and for what purpose, Shimmerose Solutions build a strategy to best suits your needs.

Business environment surrounding you in a targeted country differs from your home country's one. We propose you how to reach your goal to be successful there by exclusively customized communication plan.